‘Phrases’ Language Learning App – Looking for Beta Testers

We are looking for people to help BETA TEST our brand new **Language Learning App** for iPhone and iPad.

The app is called ‘Phrases’ and so far it’s available for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

BETA TESTERS will get 90 days free and complete access to all the app features including 100s upon 100s of phrases.

The idea behind ‘Phrases’ is to expose users to hundreds and hundreds of common colloquial phrases, thereby developing familiarity and a feeling for the language. This is facilitated by exercises that emphasise memorisation through reiterative exposure to each phrase, and most especially repeated immersive exposure to the sound of each phrase.

The app content is designed so that learners can build mental templates of the language’s most common structures. And based on these patterns the learner can themselves construct and create new phrases. And recognise new combinations when listening and interacting in the language.

The core theoretical principle employed by ‘Phrases’ in facilitating adult language learning is ‘immersive exposure’. Immersive exposure is the key to effective language learning. It’s a proven method called ‘contextual immersion’. The app facilitates immersion through reiteration, repetition, memorisation and re-enforcement of over a thousand commonly used colloquial phrases – all with native speaker audio and contextual notes.

If you are interested please follow this link:


We would very much welcome your comments, suggestions and corrections.

Please feel free to share with your friends, family and fellow students. The more testers the merrier!

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