Our letter to the Russian Language Centre in London about Declan Channels

This is a letter written to the Russian Language Centre in London by the Declan Software CEO Peter Vujanovic pitching Declan Channels.

Thank you for getting back. I am very glad you did because in fact it was my experience at the RLC that prompted us to add the new Declan Channels feature to our Declan FlashCards language learning app.

I recall that the RLC sent a Trello link to each student that included the audio recordings of the vocabulary lists at the end of each chapter of the Russian Language Centre Course Books. While I found these audio recordings very helpful, the format was not ideal and made using them difficult. Also it was clear that the RLC was concerned about the material being copied and otherwise misused by students. 

So we have come up with a better solution and we call it Declan Channels.

Declan Channels is a new feature in our FlashCards app that allows language schools to share vocabulary lists (and the audio) with students in a simple, secure and copy-protected way. Once shared, the material can be used within Declan FlashCards – including the practice exercises – to help students learn and keep engaged outside the classroom. 

The idea is that schools create a channel for each course they offer that are split into lessons or chapters. The students are then each issued with the unique Channel code that allows them to install the channel on their copy of Declan FlashCards.

These Channel codes themselves can be configured to prevent unwanted sharing and copying of the course material. They can be specific to each student, can be single-use, can limit the number of devices the channel can be installed on per code, and can also be set to expire. Moreover the channel materials are delivered to the app in an encrypted format to ensure intellectual rights are protected. Additionally, offering this material via an app rather than a website or Trello page further guards against copying

So that is the pitch. If you’d like to learn more about how Declan Channels works and the benefits it offers the RLC and your students, there is a PDF attached. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.

Thanks again.

Peter Vujanovic

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