Russian Grammar : Gender and adjectives

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TOPIC 8: Gender and adjectives

All Russian nouns (things) have a gender.

Russian has 3 genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter.

  • Most masculine nouns end in a consonant, «-й» or the soft sign «-ь»
  • Most feminine nouns end in «-а» or «-я». And occasionally with the soft sign «-ь».
  • Most neuter nouns end in «-о» or «-е».

The form of the adjective must agree the gender of the noun it modifies.

  • Typically a masculine adjective ends in «-ый» or «-ой»
  • Typically a feminine adjective ends in «-ая»
  • Typically a neuter adjective ends in «-ое»

More details and examples with audio here:

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