A new way to learn foreign language vocabulary with Declan FlashCards

We have just added a new learning mode to Declan FlashCards. Now when you select a topic to learn you just need to start swiping left, as new words are introduced and exercises are presented. Just keep swiping left in a continuous stream until the all the topic’s words are mastered.

You can still use the old manual mode by going into settings and selecting the “Use the Classic interface” option:

While the new mode does away with the classic 10 word learning list, the new mode still focuses on word retention by reenforcing words that you are having trouble with. Get one exercise wrong and all the exercises will need to be repeated for that word – a word is only considered ‘learned’ when you get its exercises consecutively correct.

Hope you enjoy this new feature. We are constantly refining and updating Declan FlashCards to make it a more effective and enjoyable tool for learning foreign language words and phrases. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests we’d love to hear from you.

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