Using Declan FlashCards Channels to share lesson content with students

Declan FlashCards has introduced a new feature called Channels – the idea is to provide a platform that lets foreign language teachers, schools and faculties share course material with students via their mobile devices in a streamlined and secure way.

For students it’s a fun and effective tool to supplement their class work that allows them engage with the course material anywhere anytime using their omnipresent mobile phones and tablets.

How does it work?

Students access the course material on the Declan FlashCards app via ‘channels’. Each course that your school/faculty offers can have its own channel containing the course material, organised into lessons, chapters or topics. Each topic contains words and phrases, their meanings and audio pronunciations.

Declan FlashCards is able to handle any language pair, in either direction.

Students accesses their specific course channel using a code provided to them by the school. These channel codes can be specific to each student, can be single-use, can limit the number of devices the channel can be installed on per code, and can also be set to expire. The student enters the channel code into Declan FlashCards and the channel is loaded into the app. The app then functions as a flashcards tool, allowing the student to review vocabulary and phrases, and reinforce their learning by testing themselves with exercises. It’s a great way to help students prepare for class, and to help them retain the vocabulary and phrases used in class.

How does it work for schools?

There is zero cost for schools to offer Declan FlashCards channels to students. Schools work with the Declan Software team to set up channels.

The Declan Team takes the course content provided by the school/faculty (word lists and audio recordings), and compiles these into a Declan FlashCards Channel. If required, we can assist with putting together wordlists, as well as help with producing the corresponding audio recordings using professional native-speaker voice artists.

All word lists and audio provided by the school remain copyrighted to the school, with Declan Software having only distribution rights. Moreover, the channel materials are delivered to the app in an encrypted format to ensure intellectual rights are protected. And as outlined above, channel codes can be configured to prevent unwanted sharing and copying of the course material. Additionally, offering this material via an app rather than a website further guards against copying.

What are the costs?

The only cost is an app subscription paid by the app user – the student. There is no charge to the school for the work we do compiling channels, or for hosting them on our servers. If assistance is required to record audio, these costs would be covered by the school.

Want to know more?

Please download Declan FlashCards for free – for iPhone/iPad from the Apple AppStore:

or for Android from the Google Play AppStore:

Once you have installed the app, tap the yellow “Add Channel” button at the bottom of the page with flags and enter the code:


for a demonstration of how Declan FlashCards Channels work.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at my private email: If you’d like to discuss how Declan Channels could work for your institution, we are very happy to organise a call.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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