Introducing Declan Channels

Declan FlashCards now includes Declan Channels.

Declan Channels allow teachers, schools, universities or a book authors or publishers to offer students/readers vocabulary lists that contain the words and phrases and pronunciations used in the language lessons or language textbooks . These channels can be download and the words can learned using the Declan FlashCards app.

Access to a channel is as simple as providing students with a Channel Code, which is entered into the ‘Add a Channel‘ page:

The channel details will then appear.

Tap the ‘Install Channel‘ button to load the channel. Once downloaded and installed you will see the Channel’s icon at the top of the ‘Select a channel:’ page. Tap the icon to start learning.

If you are a teacher, school, university or book author or publisher and you’d like to offer your students or readers a Declan Channel featuring your vocabulary lists, then please contact us at:

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