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Russian grammar - Nowhere


The negative adverb 'nowhere' depends, as previously, on whether it refers to stationary location, or movement.

нигде means 'nowhere' or 'anywhere' and is the counterpart of где.

никуда means 'to nowhere' and is the counterpart of куда.

ниоткуда means 'from nowhere' and is the counterpart of куда.

Recall that in Russian we use the double negative - these negative adverbs are always paired with не or нет.

Нигде в доме нет стола.
There is no table anywhere in the house.
Я нигде не могу найти ключи.
I can't find the keys anywhere.
Я не хочу быть больше нигде.
I want to be nowhere else.

Note the second verb быть is in the infinitive.

Виктор никуда не едет?
Isn't Victor going anywhere?
Сегодня Мария никуда не пошла.
Maria didn't go anywhere today.
Буря пришла из ниоткуда.
The storm came from nowhere.
Мы пришли из ниоткуда и идём в никуда — это жизнь.
We came from nowhere and we're going nowhere - that's life.
Они искали его, но нигде не могли найти.
They looked for him but couldn't find him anywhere.
Я их нигде не видел.
I haven't seen them anywhere.
Я не хочу никуда идти без тебя.
I don't want to go anywhere without you (informal).
Они вдруг появились из ниоткуда.
They suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

вдруг means 'suddenly'

появиться (perfective) means 'to appear' or 'to show up'