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Russian grammar - Expressing emotional or physical states

Expressing emotional or physical states

The dative case can be used to express a person's feelings, emotions and physical condition.

The analogy in English is 'for him it is hot' where Russian the 'for him' is expressed with the dative.

For the past tense just insert the neuter past tense of 'to be' - было.

Мне холодно.
I am cold.
Мне жарко.
I am hot.
Ему было холодно.
He was cold.
Ей скучно.
She is bored.
Марине скучно.
Marina is bored.
Это мне тяжело.
This is hard for me.
Брату было скучно.
(My) brother was bored.
Виктору плохо.
Victor feels bad.
Мне хорошо.
I am feeling well.
Ему было очень жарко.
He was very hot.
Мне было страшно.
I was scared.
Ему было слишком холодно.
It was too cold for him.