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Korean grammar - To go/come with the intention of - (으)러

To go/come with the intention of - (으)러

Pattern: Verb stem + ()

When the Verb ending ()려고 (in order to do; for the purpose of) is used with a verb of motion like 가다 (to go) or 오다 (to come) it transforms to () to mean 'to go/come with the intention of'.

은행에 돈을 찾으러 가요.
(I) am going to the bank to withdraw money.

찾으러… ( order to withdraw)

산책하러 공원에 갈까요?
Shall (we) go to the park to take a walk?

산책하러… (went in order to walk, to take a stroll)

친구를 만나러 왔어요.
(I) came (here) to meet my friend.

만나러… (came in order to meet)

휴일 동안 공부하러 학교에 가고 있어요.
During holidays (I) am going to school to study.

공부하러… (am going in order to study)

표를 예매하러 극장에 가고 있어요.
(I) am going to theatre to buy (in advance) the tickets.

예매하러… (am going in order to buy)

그 연예인을 보러 행사에 갈 거예요.
(I) will go that event to see that celebrity.

보러… (will go in order to see)

일자리에 지원하러 왔어요.
(I) came to apply for the job.

지원하러… (came in order to apply for)

옷을 갈아입으러 탈의실에 갔어요.
(He) went to the change-room to change his clothes.

옷을 갈아입으러… (went in order to change clothes)

영화를 보러 나가고 싶지요?
(You) want to go out to see a movie, don't you?

보러… (go out in order to see)

책을 반납하러 왔어요.
(I) came to return a book.

반납하러… (came in order to return a book)

우리는 쇼핑하러 명동에 갈 거예요.
We will go to Myeongdong to shop.

쇼핑하러… (will go in order to shop)

명동 is a famous shopping district in Seoul.

영화를 보러 극장에 왔어요.
(I) came to the theater to see a movie.

보러… (in order to see)

취직하러 고향에 돌아왔어요.
(I) returned to (my) hometown to look for a job.

취직하러… (in order to look for a job)

취직 means 'search for work'

학교에서 책을 잃어버렸어요. 그래서 찾으러 갔어요.
(I) lost a book at school. So (I) she went to look for (it).

찾으러… (in order to find)

저는 영어를 배우러 호주에 왔어요.
I came to Australia to learn English.

배우러… (in order to learn)