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Korean grammar - To act like - 답다

To act like - 답다

The verb 답다 can be attached to a noun to mean 'to act in the manner of' that noun.

The verb can also be transformed to:

an adjective: 다운

an adverb: 답게

Note that 답다 is used to describes something with traits that are usually associated with the thing itself.

A similar word is 스럽다 but it is used to express contrast between behaviour and expected behaviour.

하윤이는 정말 여자다운 사람이에요.
Hayun is a really feminine person.

or 여자다운 (adjective) 사람 - 'a feminine-acting person'

당신은 남자니까 남자답게 행동하세요.
Since you’re a man, act like a man.

or '남자답게 (adverb) - 'act manly'

학생이면 학생답게 구세요.
If (you) are a student, behave like one.

굴다 means 'to act as' or 'to behave as'

사람답게 살고 싶다고 했어요.
(He) said that (he) wants to live like a (real) person.
그는 정말로 전문가답다.
He really acts like a professional.
꼭 그 사람다운 짓이에요.
It´s just like him (to…).

means 'action' or 'movement'

이 도시에는 공원다운 공원이 없어요.
In this town there is no park worthy of the name.

공원다운 means 'that has the nature of a (real) park'

그는 군인답게 죽었어요.
He died like a soldier.
그녀는 오랜만에 책다운 책을 읽었어요.
It's been a long time since she read a (real) 'book-like' book.

책다운 meaning 'a book worthy of being called a book', or 'a real book'.

정말 신사답게 행동하네요.
(You) really act like a gentleman.
학생은 학생답게 옷을 입어야 해요.
Students must wear clothes like students.
남자답게 말하세요.
Talk like a man.
미나 씨는 여자다운 데가 하나도 없는 것 같아요.
Ms Mina doesn’t seem to have any womanly qualities at all.
어른은 어른다운 행동을 해야 해요.
Adults should behave like adults.
그 사람은 매우 군인다워요.
He acts like a soldier.
말하기 시험에서 일등을 한 사람답게 한국어를 잘해요.
He speaks Korean well, like someone who took first place in a speaking test.
그 회사에는 국내 최고의 회사답게 우수한 직원들이 많이 있습니다.
The company has many excellent employees as it is the best company in Korea.
그녀는 신입사원답지 않은 복장을 하고 있어요.
She's not dressed like a new employee.