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Korean grammar - Thing: 것

Thing: 것

An indeterminate object (thing) can be referred to using the word .

The definite articles , , and (this, that) are frequently combined with to mean 'this thing' or 'that thing'.

이것 is this thing near the speaker.

그것 is that thing closer to the listener .

저것 is that distant thing.

In colloquial Korean is often abbreviated to giving 이거, 그거 and 저거

when is used with the topic marker it can be further abbreviated as .

when is used with the object marker it can be abbreviated as .

when is used with the object marker (because it is actually 것이) it can be abbreviated as .

이것은 뭐예요?
What’s this (thing)?
그것은 뭐예요?
What’s that (thing)?
저것은 뭐예요?
What’s that (thing) over there?
이것은 의자예요.
This (thing) is chair.
그것은 사진이에요.
That (thing) is photo.
저것은 소예요.
That (thing) over there is cow.

Animals (but not humans) can be referred to as

이것은 가방이 아니에요.
This (thing) is not bag.
그것은 높아요.
That is high.

높다 means 'to be high' or 'to be tall'

저건 책상이 아니에요.
That (thing) (over there) is not desk.
이건 너무 비싸요.
This (thing) is too expensive.

이것은 이건

저는 이걸 마셔요.
I am drinking this.

이것을 이걸

그건 무거웠어요.
That (thing) was heavy.

이것은 이건

저게 좋았어요?
Was that (thing) (over there) good?

저것이 저게

저게 뭐예요?
What is that?

저것이 저게

그건 한국어책이에요.
That is a Korean book.

그것은 그건

그걸 줘요.
Give me that.

그것을 그걸

줘요 sounds rather impolite - the politer way of asking for something is covered in an upcoming topic.

왜 그걸 해요?
Why do (you) do that?