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Korean grammar - Shall we…? - (으)ㄹ까요?

Shall we…? - (으)ㄹ까요?

Pattern: Verb stem + ()ㄹ까요?

The Verb ending 을까요 is used to ask for consent to the action you want to do with another person.

The equivalent in English is 'shall we'.

In contrast to the exhortation ()ㅂ시다 (Let's), this ending is very much a question

윤지하고 식당에 갈까요?
Shall (we) go to a restaurant with Younji?
일요일에 절에서 만날까요?
Shall (we) meet at the temple on Sunday?
우리 차를 큰 차로 바꿀까요?
Shall (we) change our car to a big car?
이번 주말에 같이 영화 볼까요?
Shall (we) watch a movie together this weekend?
컴퓨터를 다시 사무실로 옮길까요?
Shall (we) take the computer back to the office?

사무실 means 'office'

옮기다 means 'to move' or 'to shift'

여기 잠깐 앉을까요?
Shall (we) sit here for a moment?

잠깐 means 'a moment'

같이 와인 한잔할까요?
Shall (we) have a glass of wine together?

한잔 means 'one glass'

포도주 (grape alcohol) is also a common word for 'wine'

잠시 쉴까요?
Shall (we) take a break? / Shall (we) rest for a moment?

잠시 means 'a little while' or ' a moment'

산 정상에서 만날까요?
Shall (we) meet at the top of the mountain?

정상 means 'peak' or 'top'

한국어를 공부해 볼까요?
Shall (we) study Korean (a bit)?
내일 볼까요?
Shall (we) see (each other) tomorrow?
내일 아침에 연락할까요?
Shall (I) call/contact (you) tomorrow morning?

연락하다 means 'to communicate' or 'to get in touch'

마감일을 늦출까요?
Shall (we) postpone the deadline (day)?

마감 means 'deadline'

늦추다 means 'to delay' or 'to relax' or 'to loosen'