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Korean grammar - It seems like, looks like - 것 같아요

It seems like, looks like - 것 같아요

Pattern: Verb form + 같아요

The verb 같다 means 'to be the same' and when combined with a noun verb form ( + / ) we can use it with action or descriptive verbs to say 'it seems like' or 'it appears that'.

It can also be used to express a thought or intention.

When used in the future tense it has the sense of 'probably' or 'to be likely to'.

그 택시 기사는 친절한 것 같아요.
The taxi driver seemed very nice.
내일 못 갈 것 같아요.
(I don't think I) will be able to go tomorrow.
어젯밤에 비가 온 것 같아요.
It looks like it rained last night.
지금 비가 오는 것 같아요.
It looks like it is raining now.
소녀가 밥을 먹고 싶어 하는 것 같습니다.
It seems like the girl wants to eat rice.
아직도 눈이 내리고 있는 것 같아요.
It seems like it is still snowing.
형이 나가는 것 같아요.
It seems like (my) (male's) older brother is leaving now.
내일은 하루 종일 비가 올 것 같아요.
It seems it will rain all day tomorrow.
문이 열려 있을 것 같아요.
The door is likely to be open.

Could also mean 'I think that'

저는 친구들이랑 내일 낚시를 할 것 같아요.
I will probably go fishing with (my) friends tomorrow.

낚시하다 means 'to fish'

우리 아빠는 그것을 싫어할 것 같아.
Dad will probably not like that.
그럴 것 같아요.
It seems so. / Probably / I think so.

그렇다 (to be like that) becomes 그럴 (will be like that)

남자 친구가 답장하지 않을 것 같아요.
(My) boyfriend probably won’t respond.
내일 날씨가 안 좋을 것 같아요.
It looks like the weather will be bad tomorrow.
일 때문에 못 만날 것 같아요.
Because of work, (I) probably won’t be able to meet (you).
우리는 파티에 늦을 것 같아요.
(I) think that we be late to the party.

Could also be 'We will probably be late'

다음 주에 손님이 올 거라서 아마 내일 청소 할 것 같아요.
The guests are coming next week, so (I) will probably clean it tomorrow.

Could also be 'I think that I will clean'