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Korean grammar - Intend to, had been intending to - (으)려고 하다

Intend to, had been intending to - (으)려고 하다

Pattern: Verb stem + ()려고 하다

The pattern Verb stem + ()려고 하다 is used to express intention.

In the present tense this pattern conveys an intended action and can mean 'will try to' or 'will attempt to' - there is some uncertainty about the outcome - much like 'to intend to' in English.

In the past tense this pattern has the sense of 'had intended to' or 'had been about to' - an imminent but often interrupted action.

This pattern is often used with ()ㄴ데 / 는데 which sets up the intention or interruption.

점심으로 뭐 먹을 거예요? 소갈비를 먹으려고 해요.
What are you going to eat for lunch? (I) going to eat beef ribs.

점심에 is also common

국수를 먹으려고 해요.
(I) am going to eat noodles.
오늘 점심은 안 먹으려고 해요.
(I) am not going to eat lunch today.
휴일에 뭐 할 거예요? 집에서 쉬려고 해요.
What are you going to do on vacation? (I) am trying to rest at home.
밀린 집안일을 하려고 해요 .
(I) am trying to do the overdue chores.
친구하고 연극을 보려고 해요.
(I) am going to see a play with a friend.
할머니에게 소포를 보내려고 해요.
(I) am going to send a parcel to her grandmother.

소포 means 'parcel' or 'package'

기차 예약을 취소하려고 해요.
(I) am trying to cancel (my) train reservation.
제가 직접 가서 신문을 받으려고 해요.
I am going to go get the newspaper myself.
이번 봄에 제주도에 여행을 가려고 해요.
(I) am going on a trip to Jeju Island this spring.
밥 먹고 지금 밖에 나가려고 해요.
(I) am going to eat and go out now.
이제 막 손을 씻고 밥을 먹으려고 해요.
(I) am just going to wash (my) hands and eat.

means 'just now' (In this context it means 'just now' but it has a couple of different meanings)

우리는 지금 막 먹으려고 했어요.
We were just about to eat.
교실을 나가려고 하는데 선생님이 저를 부르셨어요.
(I) was about to leave the classroom when the teacher called (me).
수업이 끝나려고 하는데 학생이 질문했어요.
The class was about to end, and a student asked a question.
이제 막 숙제하려고 했어요.
Right then (I) was just about to do (my) homework.
세영이가 전화를 걸려고 하는데 핸드폰 전원이 꺼졌어요.
Saeyoung is trying to make a call, but (her) phone is turned off.
전화를 걸려고 했는데 전화가 왔어요.
(She) tried to make a phone call, but a call came (someone rang).
그는 막 자려고 했는데 시끄러워서 잠을 잘 수 없었어요.
He was just about to sleep, but it was so noisy that (he) couldn't sleep.
막 샤워하려고 하는데 물이 안 나와요.
(He) is just about to take a shower, but there's no water.