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Korean grammar - Intend to - (으)려고 하다

Intend to - (으)려고 하다

Pattern: Verb stem + ()려고 하다

When the ending ()려고 is used with the verb 하다 it means 'to intend to' or 'to plan to'.

The pattern is also commonly combined with other verbs to give related meanings:

()려고 노력하다 means 'to try to' or 'to attempt to'

()려고 약속하다 means 'to promise to'.

휴가철에 여행을 하려고 해요.
(I) plan to travel during the holidays.
오늘 도서관에 가려고 해요.
Today (I) am planning to go to the library.
아침에 몇 시에 부산으로 출발하려고 해요?
At what time in the morning do (you) intend to set off for Busan?
한국에 오기 전에 한국어를 배우려고 했어요.
(I) had planned to learn Korean before coming to Korea.
오늘 도서관에 가려고 했어요.
(I) planned/intended to go to the library today.
주말에 부모님과 같이 밥 먹으려고 약속했어요.
(I) promised to have dinner with my parents on the weekend.
그 친구를 매달 만나려고 노력해요.
(I) try to meet that friend every month.
한국어를 배우려고 노력하고 있어요.
(I) am trying to learn Korean.
여름휴가 때 여행을 하려고 해요.
(I) plan to travel during the summer vacation.
졸업하고 나서 대학교에 취직하려고 해요.
After (I) graduate, (I) intend to get a job at the university.
보너스를 받으면 새 스마폰을 사려고 해요.
If (I) get a bonus, (I) plan to buy a new mobile phone.
한국친구랑 한국어로 말하려고 노력해요.
(I) try to speak Korean with (my) Korean friend.
우리는 한국 식당을 찾으려고 노력했지만 찾지 못했어요.
We tried to find a Korean restaurant but couldn't find (one).