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Korean grammar - If (you) want to - 려면

If (you) want to - 려면

Pattern: Verb stem + ()려면

The Verb ending 려면 means 'if (you) want to^ or 'of (you) intend to^.

This pattern combines which connotes intention and which means 'if'.

강남에 아파트를 사려면 은행을 털면 돼요.
If (you) want to buy an apartment in Gangnam (you) just need to rob a bank.
그렇게 비싼 것을 사려면 돈이 많이 필요해요.
If (you) intend to buy something that expensive, (you) need a lot of money.
서울에 가려면 지하철을 타세요.
If (you) intend to go to Seoul, then take the subway.
주소를 바꾸려면 직접 와야 돼요.
If (you) intend to change (you)r address, (you) should come in person.
이 일을 끝내려면 인내심이 많이 필요해요.
If (you) intend to complete this task, (you) need a lot of patience.
뒷맛을 없애려면 새콤한 것을 먹어야 돼요.
If (you) want to get rid of that after taste, (you) need to eat something sour.
문을 열려면 현관에서 직접 열쇠로 열어 주세요.
If (you) want to open the door, (you) need to come to the entrance in person with a key.
새해를 맞이하려면 우선 새해 계획부터 짜야 해요.
If (you) want to bring in the new year, (you) need to first make plans for the new year.
그 경기를 재미있게 보려면 직접 경기장에서 봐야 해요.
If (you) want to watch that match in a fun way, (you) need to go watch it in person at the stadium.
방 안에 있는 연기를 없애려면 창문을 활짝 열어 주세요.
If (you) want to get rid of the smoke in the room, open the window wide.
피아노를 잘 치려면 연습을 많이 해야 해요.
If (you) want to play piano well, (you) have to practice a lot.
빨리 부산에 가려면 KTX를 타세요.
If (you) want to go to Busan quickly, then take the KTX.
감기에 걸리지 않으려면 코트를 입으세요.
If (you) don’t want to get a cold, then please wear a coat.
이 식당에서 식사하시려면 예약을 해야 해요.
If (you) intend to have a meal in this restaurant, (you) have to book in advance.
한국말을 잘하려면 매일 한국말로만 이야기하세요.
If (you) want to speak Korean well, then only speak Korean every day.
돈을 벌려면 일을 해야 해요.
If (you) want to earn money, (you) have to work.
한국말을 잘 하려면 어떻게 해야 할까요?
If (you) want to speak Korean well, what should (you) do?
한국말을 배우려면 한글부터 배워야 해요.
If (you) intend to learn Korean, (you) have to learn Hangeul first.
살을 빼려면 운동을 열심히 해야 돼요.
If (you) intend to lose weight, (you) have to work out hard.
통장을 만들려면 신분증이 필요해요.
If (you) intend to open a bank account, (you) need (you)r ID card.