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Korean grammar - Good and to like - 좋다 and 좋아하다

Good and to like - 좋다 and 좋아하다

The verb 좋다 is an descriptive verb (adjective) that means good and only requires a subject.

The verb 좋아하다 is the verb 'to like' and requires a subject and object.

-- A very common extension is 가장 좋아하다 which means 'to like the best'.

날씨가 좋아요.
The weather is nice.
산보다 바다가 더 좋아요.
The sea is better than the mountains.
차가 좋아요.
The car is good.
음식 냄새가 좋아요.
Food smells good.
그는 사과를 좋아해요.
He likes apples.
저는 아이스크림을 좋아해요.
I like ice cream.
그녀는 강아지보다 고양이를 더 좋아해요.
She likes cats more than dogs.
우리는 선생님을 좋아해요.
We like teachers.
저는 여름보다 겨울을 더 좋아해요.
I like winter more than summer.
동생은 바나나를 안 좋아해요.
(My) brother doesn't like bananas.
친구는 오이를 안 좋아해요.
(My) friend doesn't like cucumbers.
그는 감자보다 고구마를 훨씬 좋아해요.
He likes sweet potatoes much more than potatoes.
이걸 가장 좋아해요.
(I) like this one the best.

가장 means 'the most'