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Korean grammar - Expressing reason - 때문에

Expressing reason - 때문에

Pattern: Noun + 때문에; Verb + 때문에

The word 때문에 is used to infer reason.

After a noun just add 때문에

With a verb, the verb should be in its normalised () form.

Note that this pattern cannot be used with imperative (Do it!) or propositive (Let's do..) phrases. Use 우니까 instead.

비 때문에 안 갔어요.
I didn't go because of the rain.
눈 때문에 길이 미끄러워요.
The road is slippery because of the snow.

미끄럽다 means 'to be slippery'

비 때문에 차가 많이 막혔어요.
(I) was stuck in traffic due to the rain.
일 때문에 못 만날 거예요.
Because of work, (we) will not be able to meet.
아이들 때문에 피곤해요.
(I) am tired because of the children.
주식시장 때문에 요즘에 스트레스를 많이 받아요.
(I) am very stressed these days because of the stock market.
배고프기 때문에 밥을 먹고 싶어요.
(I) want to eat because (I) am hungry.

배고프다 means 'to be hungry'

밥을 먹다 does not necessarily mean 'to eat rice' - it generally means 'to eat' or 'to have a meal'.

외국인이기 때문에 한국말을 잘 못 해요.
(I) can't speak Korean well because (I) am a foreigner.
가고 싶지만 아르바이트를 하기 때문에 못 가요.
(I) want to go but because (I) work part-time I can't go.

북적거리다 means 'to be crowded'

거리가 아주 북적거리기 때문에 우리는 밖에 나가고 싶지 않아요.
We don’t want to go out because the streets are very crowded.
이월이기 때문에 비행기표 가격이 내려갔어요.
The prices of flights dropped because it is February.

내려가다 means 'to go down' or 'to drop'

어제 비가 왔기 때문에 집에 있었어요.
Because it rained yesterday, (I) stayed at home.
곧 스페인에 갈 것이기 때문에 스페인어를 배우기 시작할 거예요.
Because (I) will go to Spain soon, so (I) am going to start learning Spain.
곧 결혼할 것이기 때문에 살을 빼야 해요.
(I) am goinng to get married soon so I need to lose weight.
비싸기 때문에 새 노트북을 살 수 없어요.
Because it is expensive, (I) can’t buy a new laptop.

노트북 means 'laptop computer'

너무 멀기 때문에 운전하기 싫어요
Because it is too far, (I) don’t want to drive.
그녀 때문에 저는 한국어가 좋아졌어요.
Because of her, I have come to like Korean.

좋아지다 means 'to get to like'

허리가 아프기 때문에 걸어가기 싫어요.
(I) do not want to walk because my back hurts.
멀기 때문에 일찍 출발해야 해요.
(I) have to leave early because (it) is far.
삼촌은 매일 운동을 하기 때문에 건강해요.
(My) uncle is healthy because (he) exercises every day.

삼촌 means 'uncle'