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Korean grammar - Expressing impression, thought or surprise - 네요

Expressing impression, thought or surprise - 네요

Pattern: Verb stem + 네요

Another pattern for expressing surprise at learning a fact is: Verb form + 네요.

This form has a similar meaning and usage to ~군요 although usually used based on the speaker's direct experience.

It is also used when agreeing with someone else's impression.

This form is very often used in an informal context - among friends etc. In that case the ending is simply .

(It) is big!

The sense is 'Wow, it is bigger than expected.'

(It) is correct!

The sense is 'So actually, it is in fact correct!'

믿어지질 않네요.
(I) don't believe it.
아들이 귀엽네요.
(Your) son is (so) cute!
욕실이 아주 깨끗하네요.
The bathroom is very clean!
이 음식점은 음식이 정말 맛있네요.
The food at this restaurant is really good!
선생님! 영어를 너무 잘하시네요!
Teacher! (You) speak English so well!

With the honorific suffix

집에 먹을 것이 하나도 없네요.
At home, there is nothing to eat!
갈 길이 머네요.
(I) can see that (we) have a long way to go.

Literally 'Suprise that the route (we) will take is long'

책을 많이 읽었네요.
(You) read (past tense) a lot of books!
지금 아주 심각한 상황이네요.
(I) realise that this situation is now very serious.

심각하다 means 'to be serious'

오늘 날씨가 덥지요? 네, 정말 덥네요.
Isn't the weather hot today? Yes, it's really hot.

Agreeing with someone else's impression.

한국 음식을 잘 드시네요.
(You) (really) eat Korean food well.

Using the honorific verb 드시다 in place of 먹다 (to eat)

열심히 공부했네!
(You) studied hard!

Informal form

That's delicious!

Informal form

이거 정말 맛있네요!
This is really delicious!
현재 사과는 매우 저렴하네요.
(Oh!) Apples are very cheap at the moment.

A person realisation - and not 'I am surprised to hear that'

노래를 정말 잘하시네요.
(You) (honorific) really sing very well.
사실 잘 어울리네요.
Actually, it looks good (on you).

사실 means 'actually'

어울리다 means 'to suit' or 'to fit nicely' or 'to match'

이렇게 큰 줄 몰랐네요.
(I) didn't know that (it) was so big.

The past base 몰랐 used in place of the verb stem