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Korean grammar - Even to the extent that - (으)ㄹ 정도로

Even to the extent that - (으)ㄹ 정도로

Pattern: Verb stem + () 정도로

The pattern Verb stem + () 정도로 is used to express going to an extreme.

In English we would say 'even to the extent that' or 'so [extreme] that'.

이 신발은 놀라울 정도로 싸요.
These shoes are cheap to the extent that it is surprising.

놀랍다 means 'to surprise (someone)' or 'to amaze (someone)'

꼬깔콘이 지겨울 정도로 많이 먹었어요.
(I) ate so much 꼬깔콘 that now (I) am sick of (them).

꼬깔콘 are a popular Korean chip

지겹다 means 'to be bored of' or 'to be sick of'

그 사람은 놀라울 정도로 키가 작아요.
He is so short that it is surprising.
화가 날 정도로 후회가 돼요.
(I) regret (it) so much that (I) get angry.
그는 배가 아플 정도로 많이 웃었어요.
He laughed so much that (his) stomach hurts.
걸을 수가 없을 정도로 여기저기 돌아다녔어요.
(I) walked around so much that (I) can’t walk anymore.
그 학생은 무서울 정도로 열심히 공부해요.
That student, even to an extent that (it) is scary, studies really hard.
선생님도 못 풀 정도로 문제가 어려웠어요.
The question was so hard that even the teacher can’t solve it.
오늘 작업은 포기하고 싶을 정도로 어려워요.
Today's work is difficult even to the extent that (I) want to give up.
너무 무리해서 지칠 정도로 일하지 마세요.
Don't work so hard, to the point that (you) get exhausted from overwork,
하늘을 날 정도로 기뻤어요.
Even to the extent that (I) could fly in the sky, (I) am happy.
믿기지 않을 정도로 한국의 하늘은 아름다워요.
Even to the extent that you can't believe it, the sky in Korea is beautiful.
파티에 가서 배가 아플 정도로 많이 먹었어요.
Even to the extent that my stomach hurts, (I) went to a party and ate so much.
영수는 쓰러질 정도로 피곤했어요.
Youngsu, even to the extent that (he) could collapse, was tired.
그 문제는 초등 일학년이 풀 수 있을 정도로 쉬워요.
That question, even to the extent that a first grader (could) to solve it, is easy.
그 노래는 눈물이 날 정도로 아름다웠어요.
The song, even to the extent that it brought (me) to tears, is beautiful.
민경이는 쌍둥이라 할 정도로 언니와 닮았어요.
Minkyong, even to the extent that (they) could be called twins, resembles (her) older sister.
나무도 씹어먹을 수 있을 정도로 배가 너무 고파요.
(I) am so hungry (I) could even munch on a tree.

A Korean idiomatic version of 'Im so hungry I could eat a horse'

씹어 먹다 means 'to munch on'