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Korean grammar - Contrastive verb negation - 지는 않다

Contrastive verb negation - 지는 않다

The contrastive function of the Topic marker / can be incorporated into 않다 verb negation.

Adding after the 지는 않다 gives the sense of the negation being contrary to expectations.

It is common to contract 지는

시간이 오래 걸리지는 않을 것이에요.
It won’t take a long time (contrary to expectations).
저는 요리를 잘 하지는 않아요.
(Despite what you expect) I am not good at cooking.
꽤 늦은 시간이지만 아직 사람이 많지는 않아요.
It's pretty late, but there aren't many people yet.
그 가수는 유명하지만 표는 비싸지는 않아요.
The singer is famous, but the tickets are not expensive.
동생이 머리가 좋지만 공부를 잘 하지는 않아요.
(My) brother is smart, but (he) is not good at studies.

머리가 좋다 means 'to be smart'

크지는 않아요.
(It) is not at all that big.
운동을 열심히 하지만 재능이 있지는 않아요.
(He) works hard, but (he) is not talented.
시험을 보는 것이 어렵진 않았어요.
The test was not at all that difficult.


그렇게 시간이 오래 걸리진 않을 거예요.
It won’t take that long (even though it looks like it will).


저는 농구를 잘 하진 않았어요.
Actually I am not that good at basketball (even though I’m American).


그는 인기가 있지만 생일 파티에 사람이 많진 않았어요.
He is popular but there weren’t that many people at (his) birthday party.