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Korean grammar - As soon as, right after - ㄴ/는 대로

As soon as, right after - ㄴ/는 대로

Pattern: Verb stem + / 대로

We have already seen 자마자 as one way of saying 'as soon as'.

Another way is the Verb ending / 대로.

The clause that uses / 대로 should always be in the present tense.

Often 바로 (right away) is inserted to emphasise the immediacy.

All that said, this is a relatively unused pattern in every day conversation.

가능한 대로 빨리 와주세요.
Please come as soon as possible.

가능하다 means 'to be possible'

빨리 means 'soon' as well as 'quickly'

일이 끝나는 대로 바로 전화해 주세요.
Please call as soon as work is finished.

바로 means 'right away'

봄이 끝나는 대로 여행을 떠날까 해요.
(I) am thinking of going on a trip as soon as spring is over.
시험이 끝나는 대로 고향에 다녀오려 해요.
As soon as the exam is over, (I) want to go back to my hometown.
장보고 집에 오는 대로 청소를 해 놓으렴.
Clean up the house as soon as (you) get home after shopping.
운동을 끝내는 대로 교실로 뛰어갈 거예요.
As soon as (I) finish exercising, (I) will run to the classroom.
아침 식사를 끝내는 대로 바로 일하러 갈 거예요.
(I) will go to work right after finishing breakfast.
어젯밤 베개에 머리가 닿는 대로 잠이 들었어요.
(I) fell asleep as soon as (my) head touched the pillow last night.