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Korean grammar - Also, too, in addition - 도

Also, too, in addition - 도

The particle means 'also', 'too' or 'in addition'.

This particle should not be confused with which means 'more'.

The particle can be attached to noun and other particles (like prepositions for example).

Also it can be attached to multiple nouns in the one phrase, including the first noun in a list of nouns.

축구도 아주 좋아해요.
(I) really like soccer too.
제 여동생도 부산에 갈 거예요.
My younger sister will go to Busan too.
우리는 지난가을에 프랑스로도 여행 갔어요.
We also travelled to France last fall/autumn.
오늘 아침에 커피도 마실 거예요.
(I) will also drink coffee this morning.
형은 모자도 사요.
(My) older brother buys a hat too.
저는 친구랑 산 등반도 했어요.
(I) also went mountain climbing with a friend.
제 친구도 키가 커요.
My friend is also tall.
내일 우리는 신발도 살 거예요.
We will also buy shoes tomorrow.
엄마도 꽃을 좋아해요.
Mom also likes flowers.
그녀는 배구도 잘해요.
She is also good at volleyball.
동생도 발이 작아요.
(My) brother's feet are also small.
저도 영국에 갈 거예요.
I'm going to England too.
삼촌도 서울대학교에서 공부했어요.
(My) uncle also studied at Seoul National University.

삼촌 means 'uncle'

미국에서도 체리는 비싸요.
Even in the US, cherries are expensive.
기차도 비행기도 결항이에요.
Trains and planes are both also canceled.

결항 means 'transportation cancellation'

저는 스포츠를 잘하고 수학도 잘해요.
I am good at sports and I am good at math also.
이 식당은 냉면도 잘해요.
This restaurant also serves cold noodles.
친구도 중요하지만 사랑도 중요해요.
Friends are important, but love is also important.