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Korean grammar - Adverbs


Adverbs are words that modify verbs. There are many types of adverbs:

Adverbs of degree. For example: (well), 거의 (almost) and 나쁘게 (badly)

Adverbs of frequency. For example: 항상 (always), 언제나 (always) and 일찍 (early)

Adverbs of manner. For example: 무례하게 (rudely) and 어렵게 (with difficulty)

Adverbs of place. For example: 어디나 (everywhere), 뒤에 (behind) and 밖에 (outside)

Adverbs of time. For example: 지금 (now) and 나중에 (later)

As in English adverbs in Korean come before the verb.

그녀는 젓가락으로 아주 잘 먹을 수 있어요.
She can eat very well with chopsticks.

means 'well'

오늘은 너무 피곤해서 거의 눈을 뜰 수 없어요.
Today I'm so tired, so I almost can't keep my eyes open.

거의 means 'almost'

그는 항상 연필로 글씨를 써요.
He always writes with a pencil.

항상 means 'always'

그는 언제나 한국어로 말하고 싶어해요.
He always wants to speak Korean.

언제나 means 'always'

일찍 준비하면 잘 할 수 있을 거예요.
If you prepare early, you will be able to do well.

일찍 means 'early'

왜 그렇게 무례하게 말해요?
Why are you speaking so rudely?

무례하게 means 'rudely'

그 칼로 어렵게 고기를 썰었어요.
I cut the meat with great difficulty with that knife.

어렵게 means 'with difficulty'

여기저기 알아보기 전에 미나에게 물어보세요.
Before looking everywhere, ask Mina.

여기저기 means 'everywhere'

소파 뒤에서 잔 사람이 누구였어요?
Who is the person who slept behind the sofa?

뒤에 means 'behind'

아이들은 종종 밖에서도 놀아요.
The children sometimes also play outside.

밖에 means 'outside'

종종 means 'sometimes'

그는 이를 나쁘게 받았어요.
He took it badly.

나쁘게 means 'badly'

받아들이다 means 'to accept' or 'to receive'

지금은 친구한테 말한 것이 후회돼요.
(But) now I regret telling my friend.

지금 means 'now'

지금은 with the contrast marker to emphasise the change

나중에 도서관에 데려다 주세요.
Please drive me to the library later.

나중에 means 'later'

오후 내내 자고 싶어요.
I want to sleep all afternoon.

내내 means 'throughout'

오늘 대단히 즐거웠어요.
I greatly enjoyed our time today.

대단히 means 'greatly', 'hugely' or 'immensely'

재 눈으로 분명히 봤어요.
I saw it clearly with my own eyes!

분명히 means 'obviously' or 'clearly'

저는 매우 빨리 달렸어요.
I ran really quickly.

빨리 means 'quickly'

개가 너무 빨리 먹어서 지금 아파요.
The dog ate too quickly and now it is sick.

빨리 means 'quickly'