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Korean grammar - According to - 에 따라(서)

According to - 에 따라(서)

Pattern: Noun + 따라()

The verb 따르다 means 'to follow' but when 따라() is attached to a noun it means 'in accordance with' or 'according to'.

The at the end of the pattern is optional.

Often phrases that use this pattern also use reported speech - in Korean this does not introduce redundancy or repetition. Saying 'according to him he said' is fine in Korean.

The pattern 따르면 is interchangeable with 따라().

And 따른 is the adjective form that attaches to nouns.

학교 일정에 따라 우리는 시험을 준비해야 해요.
According to the school schedule, we have to prepare for the exam.

일정 means 'daily schedule'

우리는 규정에 따라 일해야 해요.
We have to work by the rules.
모든 학생은 반드시 학교 규정에 따라 교복을 입어야 해요.
All students must wear uniforms in accordance with school regulations.

규정 means 'rule' or 'regulation'

교복 means 'school uniform'

책을 크기에 따라 책꽂이에 배열했어요.
(I) arranged the books on the bookshelves according to their size.
나는 내 한국어 공부 일정에 따라서 공부하고 있어요.
I am studying according to my Korean study schedule.
정해진 규칙에 따라서 행동하겠어요.
(I) will act according to the set rules.

정해지다 means 'set' or 'fixed' or 'established'

규칙 means 'rule'

행동하다 means 'to act' or 'to behave'

길 안내에 따라서 우리는 저 쪽으로 가면 안 돼요.
According to the directions, we must not go that way.

안내 means 'guide'

뉴스에 따르면 오늘 비가 올 것이라고 해요.
According to the news, it will rain today.

이라고 해요 - reported speech

일정에 따르면 오늘은 경복궁 관광을 가는 날이군요.
According to the schedule, today is the day to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace.

군요 ending expressing surprise

경복궁 is a famous royal palace in central Seoul

관광 means 'tourism' or 'sight seeing'

지도에 따르면 이 주변엔 공원이 없어요.
According to the map, there are no parks around this area.

지도 means 'map'

주변 means 'vicinity' or 'around (somewhere)'

소문에 따르면 그 사람은 이미 한국으로 돌아갔다고 하네요.
Rumour has it that that person he has already returned to Korea.

네요 ending - expressing impression, thought or surprise

다고 - reported speech

소문 means 'rumour'

지윤이 말에 따르면 그 학생은 파란 셔츠를 입고 있었어요.
According to Jiyun ('s word), the student was wearing a blue shirt.

지윤이 말에 따르면 - literally 'according to Jiyun's speech'

수민이 주장에 따르면 오늘이 서현이 생일이래요.
According to Sumin's claim, today is Sohyon's birthday.

이래요 ending - reported speech with 이다 (to be)

주장 means 'claim' or 'assertion'

이 연구 논문에 따르면 이 이론은 입증되지 않았다고 해요.
According to this research paper, this theory has not been proven.

다고 해요 ending - reported speech

연구 means 'research'

논문 means 'academic publication' (including papers, theses, dissertations, etc.)

이론 means 'theory'

입증뒤다 means 'to be proven'

부모님의 조언에 따른 선택을 하십시오.
Make choices according to (your) parents' advice.

조언 means 'advice'

선택하다 means 'to choose'

법에 따른 행동은 다른 이에게 본보기가 됩니다.
Acting according to the law sets an example for others.

법에 따른 is a an adjective - literally 'that accords with the law'

Uses the polite -습니다 / -ㅂ니다 ending for public pronouncements

안내서에 따른 작업은 별로 어렵지 않았어요.
Working according to the guide book was not too difficult.

안내서에 따른 is an adjective - literally 'that accords with the guide'

안내서 means 'guide book'

이 건물은 영국식 건축에 따른 것이다.
The building follows the English architectural style.

means 'way of doing things' or 'style'

건축 means 'architecture'

최근 인구 조사에 따르면 우리나라 인구는 증가했다.
According to the latest census, our nation's population has increased.

ending - narrative form

최근 means 'the latest' or 'most recent'

인구 means 'population'

조사 means 'survey'

인구 조사 means 'census'

증가하다 means 'to increase'

뉴스에 따르면 그는 경찰이 그를 보자마자 창 밖으로 뛰어내렸어요.
According to the news, he jumped out the window as soon as the police saw him.