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French grammar - Would have - Le conditionnel passé

Would have - Le conditionnel passé

The conditionnel passé is used to express what would have taken place in the past had some other action, event, or situation happened.

For past hypotheticals the pattern is si + <plus-que-parfait> & <conditionnel passé>.

-- An English example is something like 'I would have gone out had it not rained.'

The conditionnel passé is also used to report unconfirmed or hypothetical news.

-- This usage sounds affected, and it only really used by reporters and journalists.

The conditionnel passé is formed by using the conditional of auxiliary verb (avoir or être) + a past participle.

Le conditionnel passé follows the same rules of agreement as all complex tenses that use the past participle, such as le passé composé.

Je serais sorti s'il n'avait pas plu.
I would have gone out if it hadn't been raining.
Si j'avais su qu'il allait pleuvoir, j'aurais pris mon parapluie.
If I had known it was going to rain, I would have taken my umbrella.
J'aurais fini mes devoirs s'ils m'avaient laissé tranquille.
I would have finished my homework if they had left me alone.
Si j'avais su l'heure de son arrivée, je serais allé le chercher.
If I had known the time of his arrival, I would have gone to look for him.
Il l'aurait salué, mais il ne l'a pas vu.
He would have greeted him, but he didn't see him.
Si tu n'avais pas suivi notre conseil, qu'est-ce qui serait arrivé ?
If you (familiar) hadn't taken our advice, what would have happened?
Ils seraient restés en France s'ils avaient pu.
They would have stayed in France if they could.
Si tu n'avais pas réveillé les filles, elles auraient dormi jusqu'à midi.
If you (familiar) hadn't woken the girls, they would have slept until noon.
Juliette serait arrivée à l'heure, mais sa voiture était en panne.
Juliette would have arrived on time, but her car had broken down.
Elle se serait réveillée tôt, mais son réveil n'a pas marché.
She would have woken up early, but her alarm clock didn't work.
Même avec plus de temps, il n'aurait jamais fini la tâche.
Even with more time, he would never have finished the task.
Je n'aurais plus dansé parce que j'avais mal à tête.
I wouldn't have danced anymore because I had a headache.
J'aurais tellement aimé aller en Argentine !
I would have loved to go to Argentina so much!
Jacques aurait pu être un grand artiste.
Jacques could have been a great artist.