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French grammar - Was going to - aller from the futur proche in the imparfait

Was going to - aller from the futur proche in the imparfait

As we have seen, the conjugated verb aller plus an infinitive forms the futur proche - 'to be going to (do something)'.

Putting this aller in the imparfait is used to express an interrupted or uncompleted intention.

-- English has the equivalent 'was going to (do something)'.

Technically we are expressing the futur proche in the imparfait. In French this is called le futur proche dans le passé.

J'allais aller à la plage mais il a commencé à pleuvoir.
I was going to go to the beach but it started to rain.
Nous allions regarder un film mais je suis trop occupé.
We were going to watch a movie but I'm too busy.
Qu'allais-tu faire ?
What were you (familiar) going to do?
De quoi alliez-vous lui parler ?
What were you (formal) going to talk to him about?
Il allait faire les courses mais il a oublié.
He was going to go shopping but he forgot.
Tu lui as demandé ce qu'il allait faire ?
Did you (familiar) ask him what he was going to do?
Je me demandais comment il allait faire face.
I was wondering how he was going to cope.

faire face (verb) means 'to cope'

Je croyais que vous alliez changer de cravate.
I thought that you (formal) were going to change your tie.
Ils allaient fournir une chambre pour moi.
They were going to provide a room for me.
Il s'avère qu'ils n'allaient pas me le dire.
It turns out that they were not going to tell me (it).
Elle a dit qu'elle allait téléphoner au plombier.
She said that she was going to call the plumber.
Tu allais manquer ton train, c'est pour ça que tu as dû te dépêcher.
You (familiar) were going to miss your train, that's why you had to hurry.
Elle allait appeler la police !
She was going to call the police!
Vous alliez nous rejoindre. Avez-vous oublié ?
You (formal) were going to join us. Did you forget?
Je ne savais pas que tu allais dormir toute la journée.
I did not know that you (familiar) were going to sleep all day.