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French grammar - Vous and agreement of adjectives

Vous and agreement of adjectives

As we saw previously, the pronoun vous can refer (formally) to one person, or multiple (plural) people. And these people can be male or female or a mix.

Adjectives that modify the pronoun vous need to agree in number and gender with the intention of the pronoun.

Êtes-vous fatigué, Monsieur ?
Are you tired, sir?
Êtes-vous fatiguée, Madame ?
Are you tired, madame?
Êtes-vous fatigués, Messieurs ?
Are you tired, gentlemen?

messieurs is the plural form of monsieur

Êtes-vous fatiguées, Mesdames ?
Are you tired, ladies?

mesdames is the plural form of madame

Êtes-vous fatigués, Mesdames et Messieurs ?
Are you tired, ladies and gentlemen?

Recall that when groups of people are mixed with use the masculine plural

Monsieur, vous êtes mouillé !
Sir, you are wet!

mouillé (adj) means 'wet'

Madame, vous êtes mouillée !
Madam, you are wet!
Messieurs, vous êtes mouillés !
Gentlemen, you are wet!
Mesdames, vous êtes mouillées !
Ladies, you are wet!
Mesdames et messieurs, vous êtes mouillés !
Ladies and gentlemen, you are wet!