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French grammar - Talking about the weather

Talking about the weather

The impersonal il fait ('it makes') is used with an adjective to talk about the weather.

-- C'est followed by an adjective can similarly be used.

The verbs pleuvoir ('to rain') and neiger ('to snow') also take the impersonal il to describe the weather.

Quel temps fait-il ?
How is the weather?
Quel temps faisait-il ?
How was the weather?
Quel temps fera-t-il ?
How will the weather be?
Il fait beau.
The weather's nice.
Il faisait bon avant-hier.
The weather was good the day before yesterday.
Il fera mauvais après-demain.
The weather will be bad the day after tomorrow.
Il fait encore frais ici au printemps.
It is still cool here in the spring.
Il fait très froid.
It is very cold.
Il fera assez chaud pendant l'été.
It will be quite warm during the summer.
Il fait soleil en juillet.
It is sunny in July.
Il fait du vent au bord de la mer en automne.
It is windy by the sea in autumn.
Il faisait du brouillard à Londres.
It was foggy in London.
Il fait rarement orageux en hiver.
It is stormy.
C'est humide.
It is humid.
C'est gelé.
It (the weather) is freezing.
Il pleut.
It is raining.
Il a plu toute la journée d'hier.
It rained all day yesterday.
Il pleuvait pendant le match de football.
It was raining during the football match.
Il y avait un petit peu de pluie pendant le pique-nique.
There was a little bit of rain during the picnic.
Il neige.
It is snowing.
Il neigeait fort dans les montagnes.
It was snowing hard in the mountains.