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French grammar - Stressed pronouns - agreement and disagreement

Stressed pronouns - agreement and disagreement

Stressed pronouns are used with certain adverbs to state (emphatic) agreement and disagreement.

Using moi as an example we have:

moi aussi - 'me also' - agreement with a positive statement.

pas moi - 'not me' - disagreement with a positive statement.

moi non plus - 'me neither' - agreement with a negative statement.

moi si - disagreement with a negative statement.

J'aime prendre des photos de mes animaux de compagnie. Moi aussi.
I like to take photographs of my pets. Me too.
Je prends l'entrecôte. Moi aussi, bien cuite s'il vous plait.
I (will) take the steak. Me too, well done please.

Ordering in the restaurant

entrecôte (f) means 'rib steak'

cuit (adj) means 'cooked' (from cuire - 'to cook')

bien cuit means 'well done'

Je m'étonne du résultat. Nous aussi. C'est choquant.
I am surprised at the result. Us too. It's shocking.

s'étonner (verb) means 'to be surprised'

J'adore la musique de danse électronique. Pas moi, j'aime le rap.
I adore electronic dance music. Not me, I like rap.
Il est riche. C'est-à-dire pas lui exactement, mais sa famille.
He is rich. That is to say, not him exactly but his family.
C'est elle que tu aimes ? Non, pas elle mais sa sœur.
Is it her that you (familiar) love? No, not her but her sister.

Both elles are stressed pronouns

Note that qui t'aime would be 'who loves you'

Je n'aime pas les araignées. Moi non plus.
I don't like spiders. Me neither.
Elle n'aime pas les hamburgers. Lui non plus.
She doesn't like burgers. Neither does he.
Elles non plus n'ont rien mangé.
They (female) didn't eat anything either.
Ce n'est pas bon pour moi. Et pour vous non plus, monsieur.
It's not good for me. And neither for you (formal), sir.
Je n'ai jamais visité le Louvre. Moi, si.
I have never visited the Louvre. Yes, me (I have).
Personne ne sait pourquoi. Moi, si, je sais pourquoi.
Nobody knows why. Yes, me, I know why.