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French grammar - Some, any and a few - quelques

Some, any and a few - quelques

When the plural indefinite pronoun quelques is used with countable things it means 'some', 'a few' or 'a couple of'.

-- The singular quelque is used is several fixed expressions which are covered in the next topic.

Recall that we previously introduced un peu de ('a little of' or 'few') which can be used for uncountable things. Or the partitive de itself can be used for an uncountable 'some'.

Il a quelques amis à Paris.
He has some friends in Paris.
J'ai acheté quelques disques.
I bought a few records.
Il reste quelques bouteilles.
There are a few bottles left.
On peut finir les quelques bouteilles qui restent ?
Can we finish the few remaining bottles?
Il y a quelque temps.
Sometime ago. *OR* Once upon a time.
Je vais acheter quelques bougies pour décorer ma chambre.
I'm going to buy some candles to decorate my room.
J'ai lu ce livre quelques fois.
I have read this book a few times.
J'ai visité Madrid quelques fois, mais je ne suis jamais allé à Rome.
I have visited Madrid a few times but never been to Rome.
Je sais dire quelques mots en français.
I know how to say a few words in French.
Quelques bouteilles sont vides.
A few bottles are empty.
Avez-vous quelque chose à déclarer ?
Do you (formal) have anything to declare?