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French grammar - Regular -RE Verbs

Regular -RE Verbs

The third French verb type are those ending in -RE.

The present tense conjugations are as follows:

Drop the -RE and add -s for je, add -s for tu, add nothing for il &elle, add -ons for nous, add -ez for vous and add -ent for ils & elles.

Common examples of this regular group are:

attendre - 'to wait (for)'

défendre - 'to defend'

descendre - 'to descend'

entendre - 'to hear'

étendre - 'to stretch' or 'to lay out'

fondre - 'to melt'

pendre - 'to hang' or 'to suspend'

perdre - 'to lose'

prétendre - 'to claim'

répondre - 'to answer'

vendre - 'to sell'

J'attends ma copine.
I'm waiting for my girlfriend.

attendre (verb) means 'to wait (for)'

Tu attends qui ?
Whom are you (familiar) waiting for?
Il défend son frère des grands garçons à l'école.
He defends his brother from the big boys at school.
Nous nous défendons contre l'attaque.
We are defending ourselves against attack.

défendre (verb) means 'to defend'

Descendez-vous avec l'ascenseur ou les escaliers ?
Do you (formal) go down with the elevator or the stairs?

descendre (verb) means 'to descend'

Vous croyez tout ce que vous entendez.
You (formal) believe everything that you hear.

entendre (verb) means 'to hear'

croire (verb) means 'to believe'

Ils entendent les oiseaux dans la forêt.
They hear the birds in the forest.
Le chat s'étend sur le matelas.
The cat stretches out on the mattress.

s'étendre (verb) means 'to stretch (oneself)' or 'to lay out (oneself)'

matelas (m) means 'mattress'

La neige fond sous le soleil brûlant.
The snow is melting under the scorching sun.

fondre (verb) means 'to melt'

brûlant (m) means 'blazing' or 'scorching'

La lampe pend du plafond.
The lamp hangs from the ceiling.

pendre (verb) means 'to hang' or 'to suspend'

plafond (le) means 'ceiling'

Je perds patience.
I'm losing patience.

perdre (verb) means 'to lose'

Tu te perds ?
Are you (familiar) lost?
Nous perdons notre temps ici.
We are wasting our time here.
Il prétend être un médecin.
He claims to be a doctor.

prétendre (verb) means 'to claim'

Je ne prétends pas comprendre les femmes.
I don't claim to understand women.

comprendre (verb) means 'to understand'

Pourquoi ne me répondez-vous pas ?
Why don't you (formal) answer me?

répondre (verb) means 'to answer'

Elle pose des questions en français, mais il répond en anglais.
She asks questions in French but he answers in English.
Nous ne le vendons pas.
We are not selling it.

vendre (verb) means 'to sell'

Ils ne vendent pas d'œufs au supermarché.
They don't sell eggs in the supermarket.
Les chaussures se vendent par paires.
Shoes are sold in pairs.

par paires means 'in pairs'