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French grammar - Negation with object pronouns

Negation with object pronouns

To negate a sentence with a direct object pronoun, wrap nepas around both the object pronoun and the verb.

If there are dual verbs (auxiliary + infinitive) then the ne... pas wraps around just the auxiliary verb. And the object pronoun remains immediately before the verb that acts upon it that is the infinitive.

Je ne le mange pas.
I don't eat it.
Qui porte la valise lourde ? Elle ne la porte pas.
Who is carrying the heavy suitcase? She is not carrying it.
Je ne vous aime pas.
I do not love you (formal).
Tu ne m'aimes pas ?
Don't you (familiar) love me?
Je ne l'écris pas dans le cahier.
I don't write it in the notebook.
Il ne les voit pas.
He does not see them.
Nous ne vous regardons pas.
We are not looking at you (formal).
Il ne l'invite pas à la fête.
He is not inviting her to the party.
Ces chaussures sont trop grandes - je ne les achète pas.
These shoes are too big - I am not buying them.
Je regarde le film. Bénédicte ne le regarde pas.
I am watching the movie. Bénédicte is not watching it.
J'aime la langue italienne, mais je ne la parle pas.
I like the Italian language but I don't speak it.
Aimes-tu les dessins animés ? Non, je ne les regarde pas.
Do you (familiar) like cartoons? No, I don't watch them.
Ce croissant - je ne peux pas le manger ?
This croissant - can't I eat it?

ne... pas around the auxiliary verb only

Tu ne veux pas le manger ?
Don't you (familiar) want to eat it?

ne... pas around the auxiliary verb only

Les clés - je ne sais pas où elles sont.
The keys - I don't know where they are.

ne... pas around the auxiliary verb only