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French grammar - Expressions using y

Expressions using y

There are many common colloquial expressions that use the pronoun y.

Some of these are listed as this topic's example phrases.

Ça y est.
It's done.

Literally 'that there is'

Ça y est, j'ai fini ma rédaction !
That's it, I finished my essay!

rédaction (f) means 'essay'

Il fallait s'y attendre.
It was to be expected.

The verb is attendre à meaning 'to expect (something)'

Je n'y peux rien.
I can't do anything about it.
Je n'y suis pour rien.
It has nothing to do with me.
Nous sommes prêts. Allons-y.
We are ready. Let's go.
On y va !
Let's go!
Il s'y connaît.
He is an expert on that.
La comète était visible dans toute l'Europe, y compris en Ukraine.
The comet was visible in all Europe, including in Ukraine.

y compris means 'including' or 'there included'