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French grammar - Expressions using en

Expressions using en

There are many common colloquial expressions that use the pronoun en.

Some of these are listed as this topic's example phrases.

J'en ai marre.
I'm fed up.
J'en ai assez.
I've had enough.
J'en ai ras-le-bol.
I've had it.

The literal meaning of 'ras-de-bol' is 'full bowl' in the sense of 'full to the brim'

Je lui en veux.
I'm mad at him∆her. *OR* I resent him∆her.

Literally 'I want some of for him'. What exactly the 'something' is, it's hard to say...

Il lui en veut toujours, mais la donne va bientôt changer.
He is still angry at him∆her, but that will soon change.
Je m'en veux.
I feel guilty.
Je m'en veux vraiment de ne pas t'avoir cru.
I'm really guilty for not having believed you (familiar).
Je m'en vais.
I'm leaving.
Je m'en sors.
I'm dealing with it.
Je m'en suis sorti.
I dealt with it. *OR* I figured it out.
Ne t'en fais pas.
Don't worry.
Je t'en prie.
You (familiar) are welcome. *OR* You are welcome. *OR* Go ahead, please do.
Je vous en prie.
You (formal) are welcome. *OR* You are welcome. *OR* Go ahead, please do.
Je n'en sais rien.
I do not know (about it).
Je m'en fiche.
I do not care. *OR* I don't give a damn.

se ficher de means 'to not care about (something)'

Je n'en peux plus.
I cannotstand it anymore.
J'en pince pour lui.
I have a crush on him.
Pour en revenir à cette question.
To come back to this question.
On va en rester là.
We'll stop there.
Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ?
What do you (formal) think (about it)?
Je n'en croyais pas mes yeux.
I could not believe my eyes (about that).
Je t'en supplie !
I beg you (familiar)!
Tu en es sûr ? Oui, j'en suis sûr et certain.
Are you (familiar) sure (about that)? Yes, I'm sure and certain (of it).
Il est malade, mais il va s'en sortir.
He's sick but he'll come through.

s'en sortir means 'to come through' or 'to manage' or 'to get out of (a difficult sitution)'

Il en veut vraiment. C'est quelqu'un qui en veut vraiment.
He really wants it. He's someone who really tries hard.

Implying that he tries hard (to win for example)