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French grammar - Demonstrative Adjectives - ce, cet, cette and ces

Demonstrative Adjectives - ce, cet, cette and ces

The French demonstrative adjectives ('this' or 'that' or 'these' or 'those') are

ce (singular, male)

-- ce becomes cet when followed by a vowel or mute h

cette (singular, female)

ces (plural, male & female) - 'these'

These demonstrative adjectives do not distinguish between 'this' (close by) and 'that' (further away) or 'these' and 'those'. This is addressed in the next topic.

Ce garçon est intelligent.
This boy is smart.

intelligent (m) means 'smart' or 'intelligent'

Cet homme est beau.
This man is handsome.
Cet arbre est très effrayant.
This tree is very scary.

effrayant (m) means 'scary'

Cette fille est belle.
This girl is beautiful.
Ces hommes sont méchants.
These men are nasty.

méchant (m) means 'nasty, or 'wicked' or 'mean' or 'badly behaved'

Ce gâteau est délicieux.
This cake is delicious.
Cet homme est beau mais il n'est pas très gentil.
This man is handsome but he is not very nice.
Je veux cette fleur rouge, s'il vous plaît.
I want this red flower, please.

s'il vous plait means 'please' or (literally) 'if it pleases you'

Qui veut cette grande part de pizza ?
Who wants that big slice of pizza?
Il y a un homme curieux dans cette histoire.
There is a curious man in this story.

curieux (m) means 'curious' or 'strange'

Le chat va dans cette chambre.
The cat goes into that room.
Ces enfants sont insupportables.
These kids are insufferable.

insupportable (m) means 'insufferable' or 'unbearable' or 'can't stand'

La couleur de ces chaussures est étrange.
The color of these shoes is strange.
Cette boutique est neuve, mais ce quartier est très ancien.
This shop is new (just opened) but this neighborhood is very old.

neuf (m) means 'brand new'

Cette fille est-elle étudiante ?
Is this girl a student?
Ce train va-t-il à Paris ?
Does this train go to Paris?
Elle veut un grand et bel appartement à Paris.
She wants a big and nice apartment in Paris.
Cette maison est l'ancienne demeure du grand écrivain Honoré de Balzac.
This house is the former home of the great writer Honoré de Balzac.

demeure (f) means 'residence' or 'home'