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French grammar - -IR Verbs

-IR Verbs

The second type of regular French verbs are those ending in -IR.

These include finir ('to finish'), réussir ('to succeed'), choisir ('to choose'), agir ('to take action'), agrandir ('to make larger'or 'to extend'), guérir ('to get better' or 'to heal') & remplir ('to fill').

Taking finir as an example, this verb type conjugates in the present tense as follows.

je finis -'I finish'

tu finis - 'you (familiar) finish'

il & elle finit - 'he/she finishes'

nous finissons - 'we finish

vous finissez - 'you (plural) & you (formal) finish'

ils & elles finissent - 'they finish'

Je finis mon dîner.
I am finishing my dinner.

finir (verb) means 'to finish'

Finis-tu tes devoirs ?
Are you (familiar) finishing your homework?

devoir (m) means 'an item of homework'

Homework generally is les devoirs (plural)

Il finit le travail.
He is finishing the job.
Elle finit la cuisine.
She is finishing the cooking.
Nous le finissons maintenant.
We are finishing it now.
Finissez-vous la peinture aujourd'hui ?
Are you (formal) finishing the painting today?
Ils le finissent pour vous maintenant.
They are finishing it for you (formal) now.
Nous finissons nos études cette semaine.
We finish our studies this week.

étude (f) means 'study' or 'studying'

Je réussis ma formation.
I am succeeding in my training.

réussir (verb) means 'to succeed'

formation (f) means 'training'

Est-ce qu'il réussit à parler français ?
Is he succeeding at speaking French?

réussir à (verb) means 'to succeed at (something) or (doing something)'

Ils réussissent à arriver au Grand Palais à l'heure.
They manage to arrive at the Grand Palais on time.

arriver (verb) means 'to arrive' or 'to happen' or 'to manage to'

Je choisis des légumes au marché.
I am choosing vegetables at the market.

choisir (verb) means 'to choose'

Choisissez-vous celui-ci ?
Do you (formal) choose this one?
Nous agrandissons notre jardin.
We are making our garden larger.

agrandir (verbs) means 'to make larger' or 'to extend'

Votre blessure guérit-elle ?
Is your (formal) injury healing?

guérir (means) means 'to get better' or 'to heal'

blessure (f) means 'injury'

Pourquoi remplis-tu le vase ?
What are you (familiar) filling the vase?

remplir (verb) means 'to fill'

Ils remplissent leurs verres d'eau.
They are filling their glasses with water.

remplir de (verb) means 'to fill with (something)'