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Russian grammar - The Imperatives давайте and смотрите

The Imperatives давайте and смотрите

There are two common interjections that are used with (and without) imperatives:

давай / давайте (imperative of давать - 'to give') is very very common.

-- It is injected for encouragement - like 'Come on!' - it's a call to action.

смотри / смотрите (imperative of смотреть - 'to look')

-- It is added for emphasis - especially for warnings or cautions - a bit like 'watch out' in English.

Note that when there is a second verb it should accord with the pronoun, or be in the infinitive if there is no pronoun,

Давай быстрее!
Come on, quickly!
Давай уже!
Come on now!
Давай, давай, давай!
Come on, come on, come on!
Давай я помогу.
Let me help.
Давайте мы поможем.
Let us help.
Давайте мы посмотрим.
Let us have a look.
Давайте по порядку.
Let's (start) from the beginning. / Let's (do) it in order.
Давайте играть в шахматы.
Let's play chess!
Давайте смотреть телевизор.
Let's watch television!
Смотри, не опоздай!
Be sure not to be late!
Смотри, не разбей стакан.
Don't break the drinking glass.
Смотрите, не упадите!
Don't fall!