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Russian grammar - The conjunction а

The conjunction а

The conjunction а is very frequently used to express comparison, contrast or contraposition. It is close to 'however' or 'but'.

Дни тёплые, а ночи холодные.
The days are warm, but nights are cold.
Яблоко красное, а груша жёлтая.
The apple is red, but the pear is yellow.
Город Рим не в Англии, а в Италии.
The city of Rome is not in England, but in Italy.
Александр Пушкин не художник, а поэт.
Alexander Pushkin is not an artist, but a poet.
Андрей не в кино, а в школе.
Andrei is not at the cinema, but at school.
Книга не на столе, а на стуле.
The book is not on the table, but on the chair.
Павел не водитель, а полицейский.
Pavel isn’t a driver, but a policeman.
Они живут не в Лондоне, а в Москве.
They live not in London, but in Moscow.
Он хочет не красное яблоко, а зеленое яблоко.
He doesn't want a red apple, but a green apple.
Они не понимают тебя, а понимают меня.
They don't understand you (informal), but (they) understand me.
Я делаю зарядку не в понедельник, а во вторник.
I do exercises not on Monday, but on Tuesday.
Она хочет не щенка, а котенка.
She doesn't want a puppy, but a kitten.

щенок means 'puppy'

котенок means 'kitten'

Он похож на свою мать, а она на отца.
He looks like his mother, and she looks like her father.