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Russian grammar - Это : this, that, it

Это : this, that, it

The word это means 'this', 'it' or 'that'.

It can refer to people, animals, objects and concepts.

It does not depend on gender or number.

In these examples (as usual) the verb 'to be' is absent in the present tense.

Это я!
It's me!
Это Иван.
That is Ivan.
Это учитель.
This is [a/the] teacher.
Это водитель.
This is [a/the] driver.
Это кот.
This is a (male) cat.

кот means 'male cat'

Это яблоко.
It is [an/the] apple.

яблоко means 'apple'

Это музей.
It is [a/the] museum.

музей means 'museum'

Это дом.
That is [a/the] house.

дом means 'house' or 'home'

Это здесь.
It is here.
Это понятно.
This is clear. / That is understandable.

понятно means 'understandable', 'obvious', or 'clear'.

Это верно.
This is true.

верно means 'true' or 'correct'