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Korean grammar - Why don’t you…? - 지 그래요?

Why don’t you…? - 지 그래요?

Pattern: Verb stem + 그래요?

The Verb ending 그래요? is used to suggest an action to someone.

The equivalent in English is 'why don't you'.

When stating a reason for the suggestion ()니까 should be used (rather than ~/아서).

그러세요? is the honorific form.

Notice that the auxiliary verb 보다 is frequently used in these example - this re-emphasises the 'why don't you try' sense of this pattern.

많이 아프면 병원에 가지 그래요?
If (you) are very sick, why not go to the hospital?
일단 한국에 한번 가보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) visit Korea first?
그에게 전화부터 해보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) try calling him first?
그럼, 선생님께 물어보지 그래요?
So, why don't (you) ask the teacher?
먼저 제 얘기를 들어보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) try to listen to me first?
차라리 식사 먼저 하고 일을 끝내지 그러세요?
Why don't (you) rather eat first and then finish the work?

차라리 means 'preferably' or 'rather'

한번 한의원에 가보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) give the oriental medicine clinic a (one) try?

한의원 is a clinic that treats patients with traditional Korean/Chinese medicines

Us the polite 그러세요 form.

여기를 한번 점검해보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) check out this place/location?

점검하다 means 'to check' or 'to inspect'

주미에게 직접 말해보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) try tell Jumi directly (yourself)?

직접 means 'directly' or 'in person'

한국어 잘하는 제 친구 피터에게 물어보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) try ask my friend Peter, who speaks Korean well?
어머니와 의논 해보시지 그러세요?
Why don't (you) try to discuss it with (your) mother?

의논하다 means 'to discuss' or 'to consult'

한번 습관을 바꿔보지 그러세요?
Why don't (you) try (once) to change (your) habit?

습관 means 'habit'

마음에 안 들면 바꾸지 그래요?
If it doesn't appeal to (you), why not change it?

마음에 들다 means 'to like' or 'to have something appeal to you'

점심은 충분히 먹고 이따가 저녁에 조금만 먹지 그래요?
Why don't (you) eat enough (amply) for lunch and a little later in the evening?
그 옷을 한번 입어 보지 그래요?
Why don't (you) try those clothes on once?
아내의 생일인데 꽃을 사지 그랬어요?
It's (your) wife's birthday - why didn't (you) buy flowers?
오늘 피곤하면 학생들을 조금 일찍 집으로 보내지 그래요?
If (you) are tired today, why send the students home a little earlier?
길을 모르면 택시를 타지 그래요?
If (you) don't know the way, then why not take a taxi.
한국은 봄에 예쁘니까 봄에 한국에 오지 그래요?
Korea in spring is pretty, so why not come to Korea in spring?