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Korean grammar - Whenever, whatever etc. - words that use 든지

Whenever, whatever etc. - words that use 든지

Indifference with regards what, who, when and where can be expressed by attaching 든지 to the familiar words , 누구, 언제 and 어디.

뭐든지 = Whatever /It doesnt matter what

-- The long form 무엇이든지 is also commonly used.

누구든지 = Whoever/It doesnt matter who

언제든지 = Whenever/It doesnt matter when

어디든지 = Wherever/It doesnt matter where

어떻게든지 = However, somehow

언제든지 오세요.
Come anytime.
무슨 말이든지 좀 해 보세요.
Say a little something.
누구한테든지 물어보세요.
Try ask anyone.
문제가 있으면 언제든지 연락해도 돼요
If you ever have any problems, you can contact me anytime.

있으시면 using the polite infix

일요일에 우리 뭐든지 먹어도 될 거예요.
On Sunday we can eat anything.
누구든지 우리 집에 오면 환영할 거예요.
Whoever comes to our house will be welcome.
우리 집에 언제든지 오세요.
Come to our house anytime.
버스에서 어디든지 앉아도 돼요.
You can sit anywhere on the bus.
돈이 많으면 어디든지 갈 수 있을 거예요.
If (I) were rich, (I) would be able to go wherever.
무엇이든지 물어보세요.
Ask (me) anything.
어떻게든지 돈을 구해 볼게요.
Somehow (I) will try to help (you) out with some money.

구하다 means 'to help someone out of a difficult situation'

누구든지 매일 운동이 중요해요.
Whoever (you) are, daily exercise is important.
어디든지 먹어도 돼요.
(You) can eat wherever (you want).