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Korean grammar - Well, if not even better than - 못지않게

Well, if not even better than - 못지않게

Pattern: Noun + 못지않게

The pattern Noun + 못지않게 expresses a comparison that is not only similar, but also exceeds that similarity.

The equivalent in English is to do something 'at least as well as, if not even better than' or for an object to be 'at least as good, if not even better than' something else.

It can also mean 'more, if not even more than'.

세영이 못지않게 정석이도 한국어를 잘하거든요.
Jeongseok speaks Korean as well as (if not even better than) Seyoung.
지난달 못지않게 이번 달도 실적이 좋으시군요.
(I was surprised that) this month is just as good as the last month.

실적 means 'achievement' or 'performance' in a working place. is added for an honourfic expression.

한국인 못지않게 한국어를 잘하시네요. 비결이 뭔가요?
You speak Korean as well as Koreans. What's the secret?
그 학생은 선생님 못지않게 어려운 문제를 잘 풉니다.
The student is often as good at solving difficult problems as the teacher.
이 반에서 철수 못지않게 운동을 잘하는 사람이 누구입니까?
Who in this class is as good at sports as Cheolsu?
그녀는 운동 못지않게 공부도 잘해야 학교 대표선수가 될 수 있다.
She needs to have good scores in studying as well as sports in order to become the representative of the school.
이번 겨울은 가을 못지않게 포근한 것 같네요.
This winter seems to be as warm as autumn.
그 여자는 불고기 못지않게 김치도 잘 만드는 것 같아요.
(I) think she can make kimchi as well as (she makes) bulgogi.
오렌지 못지않게 많은 비타민 C를 가진 과일은 무엇인가요?
Which fruit has as much vitamin C as oranges?
당신은 영어 못지않게 한국어도 잘한다고 들었어요.
(I) heard that you speak Korean as well as even English.
올해도 작년 못지않게 더울 거예요.
This year will be as hot as, if not hotter than, last year.
저희 어머니는 요리사 못지않게 요리를 잘 하세요.
Our mother cooks as well as, if not better than, a chef.
요즘 초등학생들은 옛날 고등학생 못지않게 공부를 많이 해요.
These days elementary school students study as much as, if not more than, high school students of yesteryear.
동생이 형 못지않게 운동을 잘해요.
The younger brother plays sports as well as (his) older brother.