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Korean grammar - To try, to give something a go - 보다

To try, to give something a go - 보다

Pattern: Present tense Verb + 보다

This pattern expresses the sense of testing, tasting, sampling or giving something a go.

It is NOT used in the sense of 'to make an effort' to do something.

Indeed, it can mean the opposite in the sense 'just a little effort' is being applied - to try it out without any commitment.

이 옷 입어 보세요.
Please try on this piece of clothing.
그 신발을 신어 봤어요.
(I) tried on the shoes.
그 드레스를 탈의실에서 입어 봤어요.
(I) tried on that dress in the change room.
아버지가 요리한 음식을 먹어 봤어?
Did (you) try the food father cooked?
그 회사에 지원해 볼 거예요.
(I) am going to try to apply to that company.

지원하다 means 'to support' or 'to apply to'

다시 한번 읽어 볼 거예요.
(I) will try to read them again.
한국어를 공부해 볼 거예요?
Will (you) try to study Korean (a bit)?

Study and bit and see how it goes.

저는 스키를 타 봤어요.
I have tried/had a go at skiing,
김치를 먹어 봤어요?
Have you tried/tasted Kimchi?
생각해 볼게요.
(I) will think about it.
시도해 볼게요.
(I) will give it a try.
그 식당에 가 봤어요?
Have (you) been to (tried) that restaurant?
제가 이 문을 열어 볼게요.
I will try opening this door.

Recall that when used in the first person (I or me) the future tense construction 거예요 is often abbreviated to 게요.

자전거를 타 볼게요.
(I) will try riding a bike.
이 수학 문제를 풀어보고 있어요.
(I) am trying to solve this math question.

풀다 means 'to solve' or 'to untie'

드레스를 입어 볼게요.
(I) will try wearing the dress.
물고기를 잡아 보세요.
Try catching a fish.

물고기 means 'fish'

이 게임을 한 번 해 봤어요.
(I) tried this game once.
여기서 요가를 해 봤어요.
(I) tried doing yoga here.
이 와인을 시음해 봤어요.
(I) have tasted this wine.

시음 means 'tasting' or 'sampling'