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Korean grammar - To think of doing - (으)ㄹ까 하다

To think of doing - (으)ㄹ까 하다

Pattern: Verb stem + ()ㄹ까 하다

The pattern Verb stem + ()ㄹ까 하다 expresses a tentative plan or vague intention. Or a wish.

It can be used in both past and present tense but not in the future.

In the past tense the implication is that the event did not happen or was not done.

저는 오늘 저녁으로 피자를 먹을까 해요.
(I think) I am going to have pizza for dinner tonight.
한 번쯤은 그 도시에서 살아볼까 해요.
(I) would like to live in that city at least once.
다시 한국으로 돌아갈까 해요.
(I) am considering going back to Korea.
선생님께 한번 더 말씀드려 볼까 해요.
(I) would like to tell the teacher one more time.
다음엔 직접 김치를 담가볼까 해요.
(I am thinking of) making kimchi by myself next time.

다음엔 is a contraction of 다음에는

직접 means 'by oneself' or 'directly'

이젠 그 회사를 그만둘까 했어요.
(I) was considering quitting the company now (but won't).
이번 여행에는 네덜란드에 들러볼까 해요.
On this trip, (I) would like to visit the Netherlands.
흐린 날에 빨래를 해볼까 해요.
(I) am thinking of trying to do the laundry on a cloudy day.
이젠 그만 쉴까 해요.
(I) would not mind a rest now.
오늘 중에 그에게 연락을 할까 해요.
(I) am thinking of calling him during the day.
친구들과 같이 술을 마실까 했어요.
(I) was thinking of having a drink with my friends.
다음 달부터 요가를 배울까 했는데 너무 바빠요.
(I) was considering learning yoga from next month but (I) am too busy.
해수욕장에 갈까 하는데 같이 갈래요?
(I) am thinking of going to the beach - would (you) like to go together?
회사를 옮길까 했는데 월급이 올랐어요.
(I) was going to change the company, but (my) salary went up.
방학에 고향에 갈까 해요.
(I) am thinking of going back to my hometown on vacation.
신혼여행을 유럽으로 갈까 해요.
(I) am thinking of going to Europe for (my) honeymoon.

신혼여행 means 'honeymoon' or 'honeymoon trip'

커피대신 차를 마실까 해요.
(I) am thinking about drinking tea instead of coffee.
그 영화를 볼까 했어요.
(I) thought about watching that movie (but didn’t).
친구들과 같이 저녁을 먹을까 해요.
(I) am thinking about eating dinner with a friend.
내년에 서울에 여행할까 했어요.
(I) was thinking about traveling to Seoul next year (but won't).