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Korean grammar - To pretend to, to act like - ㄴ/은/는 척하다

To pretend to, to act like - ㄴ/은/는 척하다

Pattern: Verb stem + // 척하다

The pattern Verb stem + // 척하다 is used to say someone is pretending to do or be something, or to act in a particular way.

The can be replaced with to mean the same thing.

그 사람이 저를 모르는 척했어요.
He pretended not to know me.
학교에 가기 싫어서 아픈 척했어요.
(He) pretended to be sick because (he) didn't want to go to school.
일번어를 잘 못하는데 잘 하는 척했어요.
(He) can't speak Japanese well, but (he) pretended (he) was good at it.
그는 돈이 없으면서도 돈이 많은 척해요.
Even though (he) has no money, (he) pretends to have a lot of money .
음식이 맛없었지만 맛있는 척했어요.
(He) didn't like the food, but (he) pretended it was delicious.
곰이 달려와서, 저는 죽은 척을 했어요.
The bear ran (towards me) and (I) pretended to be dead.
아이는 아빠 말을 듣는 척했어요.
The child pretended to obey to (his) father.

Here (어른)말을 듣다 implies 'to obey (an adult)'

잠이 깼지만 피곤해서 자는 척했어요.
(He) woke up but was tired so pretended to sleep.
영수 씨는 부자가 아닌데도 여자들 앞에서 항상 부자인 척하면서 돈을 많이 써요.
Although Youngsu is not rich, (he) always pretends to be rich in front of women and spends a lot of money.
여동생의 친구가 돈을 빌려 달라고 해서 돈이 없는 척했어요.
(My) sister's friend asked to lend (him) some money, so (I) pretended (I) didn't have any.
선생님이 그를 보자 공부하는 척했어요.
When the teacher saw him, (he) pretended to study.
개가 야생 고양이를 보고 누워서 죽은 척했어요.
The dog pretended to be dead by laying down as (it) looked at the wild cat.
그 이벤트가 마음에 들지 않았지만 감동한 척했어요.
(I) didn't like the event, but (I) pretended to be impressed.
우리 아들은 TV를 보면서 침대를 정돈하는 척했어요.
My son pretended to make the bed while watching TV.
그 남자는 쉬운 일을 하면서 힘들게 일하는 척했어요.
The man pretended to do hard work while doing easy work.
그 사람은 예쁜 척을 너무 많이 해요.
That person pretends to be pretty too much.
냉면이 맛없었지만 맛있는 척했어요.
(He) pretended that the naengmyeon was delicious even though it was not.
어제 미나한테 인사를 했는데, 그녀가 절 못 본 척 했어요.
(I) said hello to Mina yesterday, and (she) pretended not to see (me).

인사하다 means 'to greet'

제 친구는 항상 예쁜 척을 해서 인기가 없어요.
My friend always pretends to be pretty, so she is not popular.

인기가 없다 means 'to be unpopular'

저는 잘난 척하는 사람을 싫어해요.
I hate people who show off.
정말 아팠어요. 하지만 사람들이 보고 있어서 아프지 않은 척했어요.
It really hurt. But (I) pretended (I) wasn't sick because people were watching.
저는 그가 왜 저를 모르는 척하는지 모르겠어요.
I don't know why he pretends he doesn't know me.