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Korean grammar - To end up, turned out to be - 게 됐어요

To end up, turned out to be - 게 됐어요

Pattern: Verb stem + 됐어요

The Verb ending 됐어요 is used to express a situation that has been 'made to become' or 'ended up in' a certain way.

It is a combination of the adverbal particle that indicates that something is 'made' to happen in a certain way and the verb 되다 which means 'to become'.

결국 제가 하게 됐어요.
Eventually I ended up doing it.

결국 means 'in the end' or 'eventually'

이 회사에서 일하게 됐어요.
(I) ended up working at this company.
다른 학교로 전학 가게 됐어요.
(I) happened to get transferred to another school.
공원에서 친구를 만나게 됐어요.
(I) happened to meet a friend at a park.
저희는 이번 주말에 여행을 못 가게 됐어요.
We ended up not being able to travel this weekend.
가게가 문을 닫게 됐어요.
The store ended up being closed.
친구와 같이 이번 여름에 한국어를 공부하게 됐어요.
(I) ended up studying Korean with a friend this summer.
내일은 쉬게 됐어요.
(I) ended up (deciding to have) having a rest tomorrow.
바빠서 그만두게 됐어요.
I was busy so (I) ended up quitting.

그만두다 means 'to quit'

그 친구와 사랑하게 됐어요.
(I) ended up falling in love with that friend.
다리 다쳐서 하이킹 못 가게 되었어요.
(I) hurt my leg so (I) can't hike.

literally 'so it turned out that I can't hike'

갑자기 일이 생겨서 못 가게 될 것 같아요.
Something suddenly happened so it seems I will not be able to go.

literally 'so it turns out that it seems I will not be able'

갑자기 means 'suddenly'

카페에 두시간 이상 앉아 있는 것이 불가능하게 되었다.
It became impossible to sit in a cafe for more than two hours.

이상 means 'more than'. It also means 'strange'

불가능하다 means 'to be impossible'

어제 밤 자정까지 공부를 하게 됐어요.
(I) ended up studying until midnight last night.
남자 친구를 어떻게 만나게 됐어요?
How did (you) end up meeting (your) boyfriend?
나중에 알게 될 거예요.
(You) will end up finding out (knowing) later.
미국에 어떻게 오게 됐어요?
How did (you) end up coming to America?