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Korean grammar - To become, to get, to turn into - 아/어지다

To become, to get, to turn into - 아/어지다

Pattern: Descriptive Verb stem + /어지다

A descriptive Verb ending + /어지다 is used to express a change in state. The equivalent in English is 'to become'.

It often has a passive sense so rather than saying 접시를 깼어요 'I broke the plate', we can say 접시가 깨졌어요 'The plate become broken' or 'The plate was broken'.

날씨가 더워져요.
The weather gets hot.
하늘이 맑아져요.
The sky becomes clear.
다음 달부터 버스표가 비싸질 거예요.
From next month bus ticket(s) will become expensive.
제 시력이 나빠졌어요.
My eyesight got bad.
금이 비싸졌어요.
Gold got expensive.
저는 건강해질 거예요.
I will become healthy.
엄마는 행복해졌어요.
Mom became happy.
날이 어두워졌어요.
It got dark.
머리가 맑아질 거예요.
(Your) head will be clear.
기온이 떨어졌어요.
The temperature has dropped.
날씨가 쌀쌀해졌어요.
The weather has turned chilly.

쌀쌀하다 means 'to be chilly'

마음이 가벼워졌어요.
(My) heart felt lighter.
볼펜이 잘 안 써져요.
The ballpoint pen no longer writes well.

Literally: has started not to write well

텔레비전이 안 켜져요.
The TV no longer turns one.

Literally: has started not to turn on

아까 방 불이 다 꺼졌어요.
Just now the room lights were all turned off.

아까 means 'just now'

시간이 늦어져서 곧 어두워질 거예요.
It's getting late and it's going to get dark soon.

/어지다 is used twice in this phrase

어둡다 means 'to be dark' or 'to be gloomy'

날씨가 더워져서 비가 왔으면 좋겠어요.
The weather is getting hot so I hope it rains.
물결이 점점 거세지는 것 같아요.
The waves seem gradually to be getting rougher.

점점 means 'gradually' or 'bit by bit'

거세다 means 'to be rough' or 'to be wild'

날씨가 좋아졌어요.
The weather has become better.
그 티셔츠가 작아졌어요.
The t-shirt has become smaller.
분위기가 이상해졌어요.
The atmosphere has become weird.
사탕을 많이 먹으면 뚱뚱해질 거예요.
If (you) eat a lot of candy (you) become overweight.
열심히 공부하면 똑똑해져요.
If (you) study hard (you) get smarter.
우와, 예뻐졌어요.
Wow, (you) become beautiful.
운동을 많이 하면 건강해질 거예요.
If (you) exercise a lot, (you) will become healthy.
누가 더 행복해지기 싫어요?
Who doesn't want to become happier.
날씬해지고 싶어요.
(I) want to get skinny/slim.
왜 키가 더 커지고 싶냐고 했어요.
(He) asked why do (I) want to get taller.