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Korean grammar - The Object Marker

The Object Marker

Pattern: Noun + /

This Object marker marks the object of the verb - that is the person or thing that receives the action of the verb.

Recall that in Korean the object of a sentence comes after the subject and before the verb.

기차를 타요.
(I) ride a train.

기차 means 'train'

영화를 봐요.
(I) watch a movie.

영화 means 'movie'

저는 책을 읽어요.
I read a book.
커피를 마셔요.
(I) drink coffee.

커피 means 'coffee'

개가 고양이를 쫓아요.
The dog chases the cat.

쫓다 means 'to chase' or 'to follow'

동생이 노래를 들어요.
My younger brother listens to a song.

노래 means 'song'

듣다 means 'to listen' (note the irregular present tense form 들어요)

선생님이 시험을 준비해요.
The teacher prepares a test.

시험 means 'test'

준비하다 means 'to prepare' or 'to get ready'

그 남자가 장미꽃을 사요.
That man buys roses.

장미꽃 means 'rose'

경찰이 도둑을 쫓아요.
The policeman chases a thief.

경찰 means 'police'

도둑 means 'thief'

학생이 피아노를 쳐요.
A student plays a piano.

피아노를 치다 means 'to play piano'

철수가 공을 던져요.
Cheolsu throws a ball.

means 'ball'

던지다 means 'to throw'