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Korean grammar - So that, in order to, to allow - 게

So that, in order to, to allow - 게

The Verb ending is used to indicate the reason for doing an action.

It is possible to end a sentence with 게요.

And is frequently added to this ending for emphasis.

지나가게 조금만 비켜 주세요.
Please move out of the way a bit to allow (me) to pass.

지나가다 means 'to go past'

비키다 means 'to step aside' or 'to move out of the way'

저도 볼 수 있게 조금만 핸드폰을 기울여 주세요.
Tilt (your) phone a little so I can see it too.
떡을 내일 먹게 남겨 두었어요.
(I) left aside some rice cake so that (I can) eat it tomorrow.

남겨 두다 means 'to leave aside'

청중이 들을 수 있게 큰 소리로 말해주세요.
Say it out loud so the audience can hear it.
케이크를 만들게 몇 가지 재료를 구입하십시오.
Buy some ingredients to make the cake.
아이들이 깨지 않게 조용히 노크해주세요.
Please knock quietly so that the children do not wake up.
열쇠를 찾게 불을 켜봤어요.
I turned on the light so that (I could) find the key.
그가 잘 수 있게 불을 끌 거예요.
(I) will turn off the lights so (he) can sleep.
한국어를 못하는 사람들도 이해할 수 있게 저는 다시 설명해 주었어요.
So that even the people who can't speak Korean can understand it, I explained it again (for them).

The 주었어요 here mean that you are doing something for someone.

그분이 불편하지 않게 신경을 쓰세요.
Please take care not to make him uncomfortable.

신경을 쓰다 means 'to be attentive about something' or 'to take care'

춥지 않게 난방 온도를 올렸어요.
I raised the heating temperature so (you) don't get cold.
옷을 따뜻하게 입으세요. 감기에 걸리지 않게요.
Please wear warm clothes. So that (you) don't catch a cold.
무엇을 사야 하는지 잊지 않게 목록을 작성하세요.
Make a list so (you) don't forget what (you) have to buy.
제가 잘 들을 수 있게 크게 말해 주세요.
Please speak loudly so I can hear (you).
아이들도 먹을 수 있게끔 맵지 않게 음식을 만들었어요.
(I) made the food not spicy so that even children can eat it.

게끔 used for emphasis

The in 맵지 않게 turns the verb into an adverb ('in a non-spicy way')

교실 뒤에서도 들을 수 있게끔 크게 말해 주세요.
Speak loudly so that (you) can hear it even at the back of the classroom.

게끔 used for emphasis

보이지 않게끔 덮어주세요.
Cover (it) so that (it) can't be seen.

덮다 means 'to cover' or 'to shut (a book)'

아이가 직접 하게 내버려두세요.
Leave the child alone so that (he) can do (it) by himself.

내버려 두다 means 'to leave alone'

멀리서도 보이게끔 글씨를 크게 써 주세요.
Please write large letters so that they can be seen even from a distance.

게끔 used for emphasis

멀리서 means 'from a long way away'

보이다 means 'to be visible'